Tuesday, March 7, 2017

How to have Confidence in Your Own Interior Design Style

A lot of people wonder about what goes into the making of a successful interior designer. After all, they establish path-breaking design trends, experiment with materials and colors, and blend tradition and individuality with consummate ease. However, you need not be a professional to set your own interior design trends and be confident about them. Here is how you can be confident about your own interior design style.

Let your surroundings inspire you

Nothing is ever created by secluding oneself or avoiding all external influences. In fact, one should start deriving inspiration from their surroundings. Look out for illustrations and photographs in sync with your style and put them up as your desktop wallpapers and posters for your workspace and so on. Study your sources of inspiration to understand unifying themes and elements. Cull out what you don't like, and gradually introduce these individual elements into your own space.

Take your time to develop your style

Developing confidence in your own style takes time. Let the learning process take its natural course, since it will also help you develop good taste. If possible, acquaint yourself with someone who is a professional at interior design, and watch them go about their job. Understanding that you need time to develop will also take undue pressure off you. Start with one thing at a time, and avoid going large-scale.

Infuse elements from personal life

Incorporating elements from your personal life can be a great idea. Go through your favorite objects in your house, including keepsakes, books, bowls, photographs, pebbles, or works of art. Try to notice motifs common to your personal belongings and how they can be introduced to your style of interior design. It could be food, travel, animals, or even films. Interior designers commonly use things that clients collect to determine their style.

Blend the functional with the beautiful

While looking at pictures of interiors for inspiration, don't forget to form your own responses to them. Ask yourself if you would like to live in, or be comfortable in such a space. If not, the style is not functional. Thinking only about the aesthetic and foregoing the practical can mount needless pressure on you to design your space a certain way.

Observe other spaces

Places like malls, restaurants, offices and the like, are usually professionally designed. If you want to develop a sense of interior design, start observing these spaces more deeply. Notice furniture placement, the use of color and texture, and the degree to which they are executed. Notice how different elements used together can create a certain ambience.

Face and conquer your phobias

For a lot of people, developing confidence in their own interior design style is more about conquering fear of failure. However, the only way to do that is to face it. If you are nervous about the use of color, start out by choosing moderate, pleasant colors that you like. You could also invest in colorful elements like candles, flowers, or other accessories and test it out. If you're afraid that white cannot be used successfully in a family home, there's a way around that too. Instead of painting your walls white, go for painted white floors that can be mopped up, or get white laminate tables.


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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tips on How to Hang Pictures at Home

Whether its photo frames or display pictures for adorning your walls, doing them justice would mean knowing exactly how to hang them. Whereas displaying precious artwork beautifully could seem like a major undertaking for most, it is actually a very simple task. Here are some guidelines your interior design professionals will suggest.

Choosing the right kind of artwork

There are no hard and fast rules here. Even though you might have that special liking for colonial art, you can still include them in your contemporary setup! In fact, the contrast will be quite magnificent. Simply go for artworks you would love living with.

Be Brutal about downsizing

 If you already have a stock of artwork to display, it is important to be brutal when you downsize. Some may have lost their charm with time, some may have become irrelevant. These need to be done away with. There is no point in adding to the clutter when you plan your gallery wall. Zero on the best among your collection that you wish to display.

Arrange them first

Consider arranging your pictures on the floor first before getting them on the wall. Consider experimenting with different sizes, shapes and dimensions. Choose a central focal point for your artwork and arrange the other pieces around it. Make sure you choose a scheme that complements the dimensions of the room. Elaborate arrangements work just fine with larger rooms whereas sleeker spaces will require compact designs for the right appeal.

Get the height right

Whereas the height you choose will depend on the pattern you have chosen for arranging your frames, it is never advisable to hang pictures too high on the wall. The ideal height could be between 155 to about 160cms from the ground. The idea is, you should not be looking up or down at them. It should be on the same level as your eye contact when you are seated.

Choose your spaces judiciously

 Bedrooms are meant for unwinding and relaxation. Therefore, ideally, you should be using pastel colored, pretty images for adorning these spaces. Dining rooms can be used for more serious kind of pictures. Artworks in the hallway are likely to receive least focus; therefore, simple prints can be used for adorning the walls. Focus areas like the space above the fireplace mantle should be reserved for something special like a royal oil painting and the likes. Also make sure you keep the factors of proportion and balance in mind. If you are hanging something on top of a chest or the fireplace platform, do not leave too much space between the frame and the top. In case there is space, fill it up with a clock or similar.

Ensure the positioning is right

 Whereas using a spirit level will help in positioning your frames symmetrically, trusting your eyes is best. This is a two person job. Ask someone to check the leveling as your fix the pictures.

Ideally, you must ask your interior design specialists to suggest the perfect arrangement for your pictures. You can also seek professional assistance for arranging your artwork perfectly.


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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Home Décor Ideas for Busy Professionals

Planning the perfect home décor can be both fun and fulfilling. It is one of those projects that can bring the entire family together. However, the problem is designing, planning and then executing a perfect home can be a hugely time consuming task. Most of us are way too busy to dedicate that kind of time. Hiring an interior design specialist may not be a budget friendly idea for many. So what can you do? Here are some smart ideas busy professionals can adhere to when it comes to home décor.

Always Keep Cleaning in Mind

 Remember, home cleaning can be a huge headache and if you are always short on time, keeping your home free from dust, allergens and dirt could be a stiff challenge. So, when you are designing, always keep cleaning in mind. Like, if you are short, consider placing artifacts at a moderate height. Use modular furniture that can be dismantled and cleaned. Consider wooden flooring for easy mopping and cleaning and so on. Use dark colors on the walls since they don’t get dirty easily and can be cleaned with less effort. For sofas, consider leather or faux leather. You can use a damp cloth for wiping the dirt and dust. Cotton and polyester should be avoided since they are notorious for getting stained.

Go Classic not Trendy

 Designing your home once is time consuming enough. Going with the prevailing trends would mean changing your entire décor when the trend transforms! And this can prove to be a Herculean feat for busy professionals. Sticking to classic designs is always better. Like for instance, choose neutral shades, stick to classic décor elements like flowers and lamps. Do not choose furniture that’s too abstractly styled or kind of over the top. It is better to stick to classic options rather than go for eclectic ones that might require frequent revamping.

Buy Multipurpose Furnishings

Furnishings are not for decorative purposes alone. They also need to be utilitarian. Although you may end up being impressed with the aesthetics of a furnishing item, it is not wise to invest in it unless it serves your purpose. Furnishings should be multipurpose. Like, a sofa set with storage and pull out guest bed provision is more suited than a sofa alone. This saves space and optimizes cost too. You also have fewer items to clean, replace or exchange, whenever the need arises.

Stay Organized to Save Time

If you are always short on time, staying organized is kind of mandatory. What you need to do is invest in closets with small racks, compartments, drawers and the like. Use these to keep your items sorted and in perfect order. This helps to save time when you are looking for stuff. Also, cleaning and rearranging becomes a whole lot simpler when you have sorted out your stuff in different compartments, racks and drawers.

In order to add aesthetic touches to your premise, add some soft furnishings like cushions, pillows and rugs. Also consider using floating candles and light weight lamp shades for adding that touch of warmth. Keep it simple and portable.

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Interior Design Tips for Recently Divorced Men

A divorce can be an extremely stressful process to go through. Disassociating yourself from someone who has been so deeply attached to your life is certainly not easy. Moreover, if kids are involved, it becomes all the more painful for the entire family. However, once the initial turmoil and turbulence has settled down, you might want to look at life from a fresh perspective. And changing the interiors of your home could be one of the best ways to make a fresh start. Here are some interior design tips that can help.

Start by Doing Away with Unpleasant Memories

One of the best starts would be to indulge in a culling operation. Pick and throw out everything that can bring back memories concerning your ex. It could be anything ranging from a large closet to a tiny photo-frame. Every single item must go. Remember, fresh beginnings cannot be made unless you do away with the past. Make sure there is nothing that causes negative vibes. Once you have chosen the articles you want to do away with, reassess the available space in your home before choosing an interior design plan.

Open your Mind to New Ideas and Themes

 It could so be that your home has always been decorated using ornate artifacts or with a predominant woody theme. These could be in accordance with your ex wife’s tastes. One good way to bring about change is to open your mind to new ideas. Think of themes that are of interest to you. Choose something that’s totally different and out of the box! You should design keeping your personal likes and dislikes in mind. This will give you a sense of identity.


One simple way to create the right theme for your premise is to rearrange. Shift around your existing furniture for a new look. For instance, you can change the location of your TV cabinet and even shift your bed to the living space for a while. Not having to sleep alone in the bedroom you so lovingly shared with your ex, will help.

Choose a Color that Peps you Up

Oftentimes, colors are decided upon after mutual discussion. So, if there is a specific color you wanted, now is the time to get it done. If you have always wanted turquoise red walls, go ahead and get it painted. Choosing bright and vibrant colors also helps in uplifting your mood.

Concentrate on Proper Lighting

Nothing feels better than a brightly lit room, especially when you might not be in the best mood. Consider changing the light fittings of your home suitably. Choose diffused lighting for the sleeping space and bright ones for your living room. If you have the budget for it, invest in new lamp shades and light fittings that add to the aesthetic charm of the premise.

Consider New Upholstery

Buying new upholstery will also add a fresh touch to the décor. You can replace your curtains with blinds for a new look. Investing in new towels, blankets, bed sheets, covers and pillow cases will also add a touch of variety to the existing home décor.

A divorce may not be all that stressful after all. It could also be a chance to live life afresh on your own terms. And changing your home décor could be the perfect start.


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Monday, February 6, 2017

Steps to Successful Interior Design

The first question that probably every client asks is about the duration of the design process. While most clients want a project to get over in a few days, quality interior design needs time. It is composed of several different steps, all of which have to be executed separately.

As a client, you should give your designers enough time for a great design. Meanwhile, you can keep yourself busy in gathering information and coordinating with contractors, architects, artisans and the like. Here are the steps to successful interior design.

Conveying your needs to the designer

An expert interior designer would start by knowing your exact requirements. This begins with you short-listing designers/firms that work for you and meeting them in person. They then offer you conventional design templates, which you can weigh against any bespoke design plans you might have. Always remember to open up completely to the designer. Your project defines who you are.

Defining a clear design goal

Whether you want to go ahead with a certain studio’s ‘house’ style, or propose your own plan, convey it at the outset. Getting the project delivered within the timeline depends heavily on how clear the design objective is at the beginning. A clear design goal also rules out any last-minute problems and helps the designer to assist you better.

Determining the right supplies

This is often the most interesting step in interior design. Right from the color of the walls to the bedding and the material used in the seating, a lot of thought goes into this. The marketplace will often have an extensive selection of wall coverings, fabrics, woods, and finishes. Good interior design is not just about aesthetic, but functionality and durability.

Educating oneself about trends

The design industry is a dynamic one, and technology and material are constantly changing. Clients can look up case studies on projects similar to theirs, and discuss them with the designer. Information can be gathered from industry magazines, trade conferences, and workshops. The times of depending on the industry for every input are past, and clients need to be as savvy.

Communicating throughout

Transparent communication at all levels is vital for successful delivery of design. This consists of communication between your designer and the suppliers. In order to keep track of the status of the project at all times, coordinate between the different contractors on a project site. Budgets and timelines should also be kept fully transparent throughout the design process.

Being patient with the delivery

The penultimate step will be to wait patiently for the delivery of supplies, inspections, modifications, and so on. Freight damage is common, and so are manufacturers misinterpreting the orders. However, do not worry, since damage can be handled with minor repair or replacement. Hire an interior design firm that is adept at handling any eventuality or delay and cover any snags.

Final implementation of the project

This is the hardest step in delivering successful interior design. Installation of the furnishings takes anything from a few hours to weeks, depending on the complexity and scale of the project. The best thing about interior design studios is their reliability and strong networks of suppliers and design professionals. This makes implementation smoother.


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Monday, January 30, 2017

How to Design Your Home to Make it Look more Expensive

Just because you built your home on a budget does not mean you cannot make it look experience. Some simple interior design steps can go a long way to improve the look and feel of your adobe. All you need is to use your creativity or seek professional help from an interior design firm in Singapore. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some ways to make your home look more expensive.

Colorful walls

Coating the walls of the room with quality paint would be an awesome idea. However, for best results, your choice of colors should be perfect. If your furniture is light colored, you should go for rich colors. Avoid certain shades, such as, white and light yellow as they may make the walls look quite dull. 

Fresh flowers

Fresh flowers not only smell good but also provide a natty look to your home. They can be placed anywhere, from the living room to the bed side table. You can either go for different colored flowers or with single color flower. Don’t opt for artificial flowers as they may ruin the beauty of your house.

Use proper lighting

Instead of standard prefer bold and classic lights. Chandeliers are the best to create the magic of lights. You can hang them to any of the rooms – in the bedroom, living room, above the dining table. In Singapore, Chandeliers are very famous for home decors not only because they are fantabulous but also of their low-cost.

High dangling curtains

 High ceiling is the main embellishment of luxurious homes. You can also have high ceilings in your home with the help of optical illusion. All you have to do is to hang the curtains as close to the ceilings as possible.  You will notice the ceilings will appear high by raising the curtains.

Use picture frames

Purchase picture frames of shades like silver, chrome or any of your choices. Place them on side tables. They are helpful to give your rooms an authentic look. Avoid shades which may look cheap.

You can go for hanging famous art works of Singapore in the walls of your rooms. This will give your house a creative as well as a classic look at the same time.

Upgrade your furniture

Buying new furniture is quite expensive; however you can make small changes to the present piece of furniture. These decorative changes will take them from mediocre to marvelous looks. You can change the fabric of the furniture or can paint them and can give them terrific glance.

Enclose your TV inside a frame

Framing of your flat screen TV is one of the innovative and unique ideas. This way, you can even surprise your guests. Consider using a colorful, designer cover that goes well with the interior design theme of your home.

Include an antique piece

Keeping an antique piece in your living room will articulate your sense of abstruseness.  They also give an impression of lavishness. The antique piece could be anything, such as, mirror, accessory or side tables.


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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Home Décor Ideas for Kids’ Birthday Party


Birthdays are the most awaited occasion of the year, especially among kids. They expect a lot on their birthdays. Soon after it is over, they start counting days for the next birthday. For them, it’s all about fun with their friends and cousins, but for their parents organizing a birthday party could be a cumbersome task. As parents, you have to make sure everything is happing as your plans and as per the expectation of your child.  After all, it’s your kid’s big day and you leave no stone unturned to make it her best day ever. The most challenging in arranging a kid’s birthday party is deciding how to decorate the home. You should make your house look great as many guests would be coming over. The interior design of the home should be magnificent at one glance.  Here are few ideas on how to decorate your home for kid’s birthday party.

Fork Placeholder

Fork Placeholder is a simple yet unique party decorator. In this, you can use a fork to hold papers or cards or other stuffs of similar weight. Make cut-outs of the papers of desired shape like butterfly and write the name of kids on that. The kids would surely love it.

Balloon blowout

This decoration is very cost effective as you can use basic balloons of different colour and sizes. After that you can attach all the balloons with one another and use the wall to write either Happy Birthday or anything you like.

Hanging paper flowers

Paper flowers hanging up to ceiling look fantabulous. All you need to do is to have few paper bags of different colours and little creativity. This decoration is cheap as well as easy to make.

Tie Birthday banners

If you are running short of time, then you can buy some readymade birthday banners from the market. They are available in various sizes and shapes. You can bring them home and tie them at two corners of the wall. These are really good to enhance the party mood.

Hanging birthday streamers

You can hang colourful streamers in the party hall. This will make the party hall attractive and will enhance the interior design of the party hall.

Naming over party hats

You can order for the party hats for each guest and paste their name over it.  This will be truly exciting for guests, especially the kids invited. They would love to see their names and wear the hat.

Cutleries in the flower pot

Cutleries in the flower pot, is an innovative idea to decorate the birthday party by keeping the forks, spoons or other cutleries inside beautiful flower pots. This is also useful to keep the area neat and clean, instead of spreading the cutleries here and there.

Cupcake flower lights

You can reuse your Christmas lights on your kid’s birthday party by giving them the look of cupcakes. This can be one of the best ways to decorate the birthday party. All you have to do is take some colourful papers and shape them as cupcakes. Afterwards surround each bulb of the light with the paper cupcakes.


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